The Rossmoor Happy Hackers is a co-ed golf group. Membership dues are $20 per year.

The Happy Hackers’ eight nine hole tournament scrambles a year are followed by dinner and awards. They are held on Saturday afternoons from March through October. We also hold 7 clinics which are held 10 days before the scrambles on a Wednesday afternoon from April through October.

Membership is open to golfers of all skill levels. The foursomes are made up by the pro shop by pairing players together to form foursomes that are equalized with the added handicaps determined by the pro shop. The price is $30 for golf, awards and dinner. Green fees are separate and are paid to the pro shop. The tee off time is 3:00pm from March through July and 2:30pm from August through October. There is also an annual dinner and meeting held in November.

It is a great way for residents to meet fellow golfers with similar skills that they feel comfortable playing with. Please join us and see how much fun golf can be.

Rossmoor Happy Hackers Golf Club Officers

Jim Bombardier

Holly Bass

Carol Dickerson

Paul Rosenzweig






Susan Williamson

Helen Anderson

Chuck Shaddle

Muriel Wyro

Mary Lou Delpech, Benny Ferreira and Carolyn Betta



Social / Food