November 2, 2017

Follow the Field
(Charm Day Playoff)

Janice Davis #4
Mo Mobberley #16
Denise Pratt #4

Joyce McCann #14
Joanne Kim #4
Sue Yoon #2 & #10
Pat Deisem #13

Rossmoor 18ers Diablo Valley Team Play

By Claudia Terry

Since 2014, when the Rossmoor Women’s 18ers joined the Diablo Valley Team Play League, 18ers who wished to play competitive four-ball match play at nine other private East Bay golf courses could enjoy playing at such beautiful courses as Orinda Country Club, Discovery Bay Country Club, and Diablo Country Club. This competitive league limits players to an index of 24.0 or lower in order to create an equitable playing field where team members compete for low gross and low net points. Each match has eight members from all ten participating clubs playing two against two in an A team, a B team, a C team and a D team, with players matched up according to their indexes.

Jean Carroll and Janice Davis, captain and co-captain of the Rossmoor DVTP team, rallied the players and frequently played themselves in the ten matches of the 2017 season. In the end, Rossmoor finished second in the net standings with total cumulative points of 378, just behind Crow Canyon’s first place total of 382.5 points. In the gross point standings, the 18ers finished in fourth place with a cumulative total of 371.5 points, behind Diablo’s third place 377.5, Discovery Bay’s second place 414.5, and Blackhawk’s first place 440 points.

The Rossmoor team was presented with a plaque from the Diablo Valley Team Play League for their second-place win. Congratulations to all the DVTP players.

DVTP participants Pat Deisem, Olivia Hsueh, Joyce McCann, Gail Ramirez, Margo Dutton, Jean Carroll (captain), Janice Davis (co-captain), Grace Nitta, Claudia Terry


These sample scorecards show how to fill out an “Individual Score Scorecard.” Very simple: You just exchange cards with your “marker” and each of you keeps score for both players. At the end of the round, we have TWO cards that attest one another’s score and a group card is NOT REQUIRED OR NEEDED. The second example shows a NET version of a scorecard. You do not have to “pop” your card unless the format of the game is individual NET score, hole by hole, such as Stableford or ParPoint. A “group scorecard” is used when playing in a TEAM event involving two, three, or four players, and then it requires two matching cards with all the players’ names and scores. Please fill out cards completely with Total, Handicap, Net, and Adjusted Scores.

It is the goal of the Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club to promote good fellowship among its members and to foster and further the game of golf.