2017 Pretty in Pink Invitational

June 15, 2017

The format was two best balls of four, and the winners of the four flights were:

First Flight: 18ers Olivia Hsueh and Soonee Kim with their guests Yong Choo and Anne Su.

Second Flight: 18ers Pil Choo and Joanne Kim with their guests Jennifer Kim and Jenny Park.

Third Flight: 18ers Garnet Shelly and Helen Chung with their guests Myong Jarvis and Julia Leng.

Fourth Flight: 18er Teddi Swanson with her guests Susan Chipman, Francine Lyall and Judy Miller.

There were four holes where closest-to-the-hole prizes were awarded and the member and guest winners for those were:

Hole 2: 18er Joanne Kim and guest winner Joan Tasker. Walnut Creek Honda, who was sponsoring that hole, also awarded Tasker an extra prize of a complete auto detailing for being the closest.

Hole 4: 18er Chong Harney and guest winner Carol Cavagnaro.

Hole 14: 18er Pil Choo and guest winner Julia Leng.

Hole 16: 18er Darlene Martel and guest winner Eden Anderson.


These sample scorecards show how to fill out an “Individual Score Scorecard.” Very simple: You just exchange cards with your “marker” and each of you keeps score for both players. At the end of the round, we have TWO cards that attest one another’s score and a group card is NOT REQUIRED OR NEEDED. The second example shows a NET version of a scorecard. You do not have to “pop” your card unless the format of the game is individual NET score, hole by hole, such as Stableford or ParPoint. A “group scorecard” is used when playing in a TEAM event involving two, three, or four players, and then it requires two matching cards with all the players’ names and scores. Please fill out cards completely with Total, Handicap, Net, and Adjusted Scores.

It is the goal of the Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club to promote good fellowship among its members and to foster and further the game of golf.