The Happy Hackers is Rossmoor’s only co-ed golf group. With the help of Head Pro Mark Heptig, it was formed in 1994 with over 100 men and women signing up to start this non profit golf club. The club was able to develop the By-Laws that gave the club a framework on which to build. When word got around that Rossmoor had a co-ed golf club, calls were received from golf clubs as far away as Boise, Idaho; Sun City and Phoenix, Az. So one can see Happy Hackers is a notable club with a grand reputation to uphold. It is possible it stands alone as such a unique club.

The Happy Hackers play eight nine hole tournament scrambles a year. They are held on Saturday afternoons, followed by a dinner and prizes. Handicaps are not required.

In recent years the membership had averaged over 200 members. Membership is open to golfers of all skill levels. The foursomes are made up by the pro shop by pairing players together to form foursomes that are equalized with the added handicaps determined by the pro shop.

The original mission of the Hackers continues to make it possible for members to learn the game, its rules and traditions; to improve their skills and abilities; and to have fun playing. It is a great way for residents to meet fellow golfers with similar skills that they feel comfortable playing with.

Please join us and see how much fun golf can be.