Scramble Information

Happy Hackers Information for Creekside Scramble

If you are a paid member, you will be sent a link from Golf Genius when registration opens for the Scramble
  1. Click the link
  2. Sign up as a single, twosome, threesome, or foursome.
  3. Use your credit card to pay the fee.
  4. GG sends you a pending registration.
  5. When registration closes, you will receive a confirmed email and your credit card will be charged.

Happy Hackers Rules for Creekside Scramble

Except for the 7th hole, men will start from the 200-yard blue cart-path stripe and women will start from the 150-yard white cart-path stripe. Starting shot may be teed up and must be within two club lengths of the cart path and no closer to the hole than the stripe.

Every player tees off and a shot is selected.
The player who hit the chosen ball does not play the next shot.
The next shot must be played within one club length of the chosen shot, no closer to the hole.
Repeat this sequence, including putting, until the ball is either holed or your team score reaches 6 shots.

Each team must use at least TWO of each member’s tee shots during the 9 holes!

On the 7th hole, men will start from the red tee markers and women will start from the gold tee markers. The same sequence among team members is continued on the 7th hole as on previous holes.

Each team will record their hole-by-hole scores (with a maximum of 6 for a hole) and their 9-hole total and turn the cards into the golf shop.

Players will be assigned individual handicaps to determine a team handicap. Teams will be divided into three skill-based flights.