The East Bay Team Play league was formed by private clubs to promote good fellowship among the women from each club. Three teams from each club compete in each event. It is a friendly four-ball match play competition and provides an opportunity for golfers with indexes between 0-36 to play.

The league is comprised of 14 clubs. There is usually a $65 charge for each match which includes breakfast, lunch, green fees and cart. Each club will have different protocols during the pandemic. If meals can’t be provided the matches will be offered at a reduced amount. The goal is to be able to safely play competitive golf.

Only six members are selected for each match and three members will be selected as back-up: two A players with indexes from 0-19, two B players with indexes from 15-26 and two C players with indexes from 21-36. New uniforms will be purchased for 2022. Those members that do not have a uniform should wear a white or aqua blue colored shirt with black or white shorts/pants.

There is a binder located in the 18er section in the Pro shop to sign-up for EBTP.  The 2022 Rossmoor EBTP Co-Chairs are Daisy Soo Hoo and Karla Witte. They will do their best to accommodate as many members as possible. Sponsored guest members are welcome to sign up; however, they will only be selected if there is space available.

For more information visit www.eastbayteamplay.com.


2023 East Bay Team Play Schedule

Date Day Hosting Club Slope Rating Pairings
April 6 Thu Sequoyah 133 72.5 Crow Canyon vs Rossmoor
April 20 Thu Castlewood 130 72.9 Blackhawk vs Rossmoor
April 27 Thu Richmond 126 73.8 Richmond vs Rossmoor
May 3 Wed Moraga 125 71.0 Sequoyah vs Rossmoor
May 25 Thu Claremont 126 71.2 Berkeley vs Rossmoor
May 30 Tue Blackhawk 128 71.2 Castlewood vs Rossmoor
June 20 Tue Ruby Hill 125 70.8 Moraga vs Rossmoor
June 27 Tue Crow Canyon 129 72.3 Claremont vs Rossmoor
June 29 Thu Berkeley 125 71.8 Ruby Hill vs Rossmoor
July 11 Tue Green Valley 132 73.5 Contra Costa vs Rossmoor
July 13 Thu Rossmoor 124 71.1 Oakhurst vs Rossmoor
August 15 Tue Round Hill 127 72.5 Green Valley vs Rossmoor
August 30 Wed Oakhurst 133 72.3 Round Hill vs Rossmoor

For more information:  2023 EBTP Detailed Schedule